The Talbot Family

Image of Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot

Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot (b.1803)

St. Theodore's Church was built by Emily Charlotte Talbot in memory of her brother Theodore Mansel Talbot and her sister Olivia Talbot. As the Parish Church of the town of Port Talbot that also bears their name our history is finely woven. Emily's sister Bertha Isabella also made gifts to the Church and parish.

The faith and devotion of these four children was nurtured by their father Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot (b.1803) and mother Lady Charlotte. Family history of the Rice Mansel Talbots can be traced to the Norman Conquest of 1066 and their connections with Margam from the sixteenth century - It was CRM Talbot who built Margam Castle in 1830. In addition to being an extensive land owner he gathered a huge fortune largely through investments in railway stocks. CRM Talbot did much to further the building and restoration of churches in the locality and foster them in the Anglo Catholic faith as revived by the Oxford Movement. He served as Liberal Member of Parliament for Glamorgan from 1830 until his death in 1890 as Father of the House of Commons.

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